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Brokers Benefit You. 
Whether you are a small business owner or an individual seeking insurance,  Insurance brokers are here to help.  Insurance brokers serve a vital role between you and the insurance carriers.  Health insurance brokers work for you, the client while insurance agents work for the carrier.  Brokers can provide you multiple carriers options whereas agents provide options from one carrier. 

The Benefits Of Having A Broker:

  • Brokers are a free, value-added service.
  • No additional charges for working with a broker.
  • Brokers know the markets, carriers and plans.
  • Brokers will help navigate your options upon enrollment and renewal.
  • Compare multiple insurance quotes from the major insurance carriers.
  • Recommend plan options based on premium, plan benefits and provider networks.
  • Brokers can research your doctors and prescriptions
  • Enroll in additional benefits - dental, vision, life or disability.
  • Customer service from pre-enrollment to post-renewal. 
  • Customer service issues such as billing issues, researching claims, ID cards, appeals, etc..

What should I know before I designate an Agent?

Agents act on your behalf just as insurance agents do in the physical world. You'll be entrusting your Agent to understand your needs in choosing health insurance - whether you need to select plans to offer your employees or choose plans to cover you and your family.


The first step is to find a Agent using Agent search. You then review a list of Agents, read more about them, and then select one that you can designate to act on your behalf.


Once you designate an Agent, he or she can access your account, read and edit your policy information, help you decide on a plan, advise you how the health plan works and address and customer service needs.,


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