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Dental & Vision plans

Dental & Vision Plans
For Individuals & Small Business Owners

Delta Dental plans offer access to dental exams, preventative cleanings, xrays, filings and crowns.  Delta has the largest dental network in the USA! 

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* Network:  PPO or Premier

 Cigna Dental.  No copays or deductibles for preventative visits, cleanings, and routine x-rays, Visit dentists from our national network of over 93,000 unique providers at nearly 290,000 locations.  24/7/365 Customer Service. 

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* Network:  Cigna DPPO Advantage

Humana Dental.  A plan that'll make you smile, with coverage for preventive services like checkups and cleanings, so keep those teeth in tip-top shape.

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* Network:  Dental Loyalty Plus
* Network:  Dental Savings Plus
* Network:  Dental Prevent Plus

Aetna Dental:  No waiting period for Aetna dental coverage.  Choose from 3 plans that offere preventative, minor and major coverage.  Calandar year max of $1000/$1500/$2000 available.

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VSP Vision coverage for: annual vision exams, frames, lenses, contacts and other vision discounts.   VSP is accepted at most vision centers and providers.

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Metlife Dental & Vision
Dental and vision plans for you and your family.  No waiting periods for services.  Large network of dental providers.


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