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EASE For Online Benefits

With Ease, you can effortlessly handle changes and rid yourself of the stress associated with managing your employees' benefits. EASE has a user-friendly web portal that allows employees to view there benefits, their contributions and whose covered.

EASE:  Streamline Your Employee Benefits

By centralizing your online benefits and employee engagement, you can streamline your HR processes, optimizing efficiency and productivity. Experience the ease and convenience of managing your HR functions and benefits seamlessly with Ease.

EASE For Employers, HR & Employees

With Ease, employers and office managers can effortlessly establish and oversee benefits, facilitate seamless onboarding for new hires, efficiently remove employees from coverage, ensure compliance, and provide employees with a personalized, user-friendly web-based portal.

Employee Access and On-Boarding
Employees are sent a personalized email invitation, granting them access to their own dedicated web portal. They have the flexibility to enroll in benefits conveniently from their workplace, home, or even through their mobile devices.


Within the portal, employees gain access to a wealth of customized benefit information, including plan brochures, side-by-side plan comparisons, and a comprehensive view of their total cost per pay period.


Additionally, they can conveniently manage essential documents such as their W-4 and I-9 forms, as well as view their direct deposit information.

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