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Enroll Into A Small Group Health Plan: 
Employers can enroll their employees into a small group health plan on the 1st or 15 of any month.  KBenefits will walk you thru the process of completing the required enrollment applications along with providing supporting documentation to meet participation and eligibility guidelines - see below.

Enrollment Requirements:

* Group Enrollment Application
* Employer Certification Form
* Employee Enrollment Applications
* Waiver Forms, if applicable
* Final Rates - signed
* Binder Check:  Company check - 1st month premium
* AutoPay Form- recommended

Additional Forms:

* Most recent WR-30 payroll Form
* Owners Tax Docs:  either K-1,  Schedule C, or 1120s
   - showing 100% ownership

YouTube version: https://youtu.be/Z_3P8mN-_zI

Once your enrollment request is submitted to the Carrier for review, the carrier can take 3-5 business days to -review and approve your policy.   ID cards take 7-10 business days to be received by mail.  Your Member Portals can be accessed with your Member ID #'s to view, save, and/or print Member ID cards.

Small Group Health Eligiblity

Small Group Health Eligibility:   To qualify for a small business health plan, the NJ-based business must have at least 1 fulltime employee enrolling in the health plan. The FT employee must not be an owner or related to the owner.  Carriers can no longer enroll groups that have:


1)  Owners-only enrolling
2)  Husband/Wife-only enrolling
3)  Family-only enrolling

Participation: A group must meet the 75% participation requirement in order for the carrier to approve your group health plan.  75% of the fulltime employees must enroll or have valid health coverage elsewhere (covered under a spouse, another job, Medicare, Medicaid, GCNJ, VA benefits).
* 8 out of 10 = 80%   Eligible
* 6 out of 10 = 60%   Not eligible


If your group is not eligible, see below.

Compliance:  Upon Enrollment & Renewal
Carriers will review your group's eligibility & participation by requesting the following documents:

*:Employer's Certification form
* WR-30 payroll form
* Owner's Tax forms
* Waivers, if applicable

Special Enrollment PeriodNov 15 thru Dec 15
Small business owners are exempt from participation and contribution requirements during Employer's Special Enrollment Period.  Contact me for assistance.

YouTube version:   https://youtu.be/5ulbCqzRSkM

Contact us for advice, navigation, plan options & free enrollment assistance.

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