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Self-insured for Small Business

A self-insured group health plan is one in which the employer assumes the financial risk for providing health care benefits to its employees.  Thru monthly premiums to an insurance carrier a "claims bucket" is created to pay for future employee medical claims.  Insurance is purchased in the event claims exceed the funded "claims bucket".  If funds are not depleted during the year, then the employer has an opportunity for a "return of premium", which can really help control costs. 

There are many benefits to a self-insured or level-funded plan also known as reference based pricing models.   These plans have no networks so employees have the freedom of choice with any doctor or hosptial.  Plan benfefits are flextible and can be customized to your liking or budget.  Furthermore, employers can expect predictable monthly premiums. 



Get your self-insured plan options for your small business.

  • National networks available including Aetna ASA and Cigna PPO
  • We can write 1099 Employees
  • We can offer Flexible Plan Options and Multiple Plans
  • Set hours of eligibility at 20-40 hrs/week
  • Class Carve-outs
  • Group Health Product in every state
  • 2 - 50 Enrolled ( 5-25 is most competitive)
  • Groups with Multiple Locations and/or use a PPO
  • 100% surplus option
  • Refund always returned – Renew or Terminate


Products in our portfolio include

-Traditional Level Funded Plansoften 20-50%+ savings vs. fully insured option
-Advantage Plans:   Access to National Networks with In Network Benefits only – 5-7% savings vs. traditional
-Core Value Plans:   Reference Based Pricing. Our most aggressive option in the market (no strict network!) – often 20% savings vs. our traditional level funded options

-Dental  is now available as an add-on to any medical plan with 3+ enrolled


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