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Delta Dental - New Jersey:   Get coverage for exams, xrays, cleanings, filings and ortho!  Largest PPO network of dentist in the USA!   
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Delta Dental - New York:   Get coverage for exams, xrays, cleanings, fillings and ortho!  Largest PPO network of dentist in the USA!   
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VSP - Individual Vision for you and your family - NJ/NY
Coverage for: Exams, Frames, Lenses and Contacts
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Horizon Dental NJ
Affordable coverage for individuals and families.   Dental coverage includes:  exams, cleanings, preventative, minor and major services.



Dental  #1 - Horizon Young Grins
Horizon Young Grins is a stand-alone pediatric dental plan for your children that meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).   Only minors may enroll in coverage.

Dental #2- Horizon Family Grins & Horizon Family Grins Plus
Horizon Family Grins provides comprehensive coverage for parents and children, ACA compliant.  You get access to Horizon's Extensive network of PPO dentists.

Dental  #3- Horizon Healthy Smiles & Horizon Healthy Smiles Plus
These  plans provide access to our Horizon PPO network. With Horizon Healthy Smiles Plus, members can also use the Horizon Traditional Network.  Both plans provide a $1,000 benefit to help pay for those services outside of preventive and diagnostic services. In addition, there are varying levels of coinsurance available, along with coverage for orthodontia. 
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Bright Ideas Dental & Vision - NJ
Get up to $3,000 in annual dental coverage!  No waiting periods for Type I & II services.  Access Dentamax dental network. 
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Careington Indivdual Dental & Vision Plans - NJ
Discount Dental and vision plans -
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Guardian Dental - New York: 
Choose from  3 Guardian dental plans.  Great network of dentists.

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