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The terms “on-exchange” and “off-exchange” can be confusing.  Here are the key differences:

On-exchange :  When you enroll in an On-Exchange health plan that means you are enrollin in an Individaul health plans and due to low income you are applying for a premium subsidy from the government.   These plans can only be accessed via the Healthcare.gov marketplace.   Healthcare.gov is used primarily for those seeking a premium subsidy.  Income verification is required.   We know this as Obamacare.   Yes, Kbenefits offers Obamacare plans.  My broker code is 7990501.   I'm a free, no charge service available to you 24/7, 365.

Off-exchange means those plans that are available outside of the public exchange environment, or in the open market.  A few main benefits of enrolling in an off-exchange health plan is ease of enrollment, not needing to provide financial and income documents to determine eligiblity and superior customer serivce.

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