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Open Enrollment is a yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan.  This applies to the Individual Medicare market and Individual Health insurance market.  If you are enrolled under your employer's plan, Open Enrollment does not apply to you.   Groups have their Open Enrollment upon their health insurance renewal. 


Individual Medicare (MAPD & PDP) Open Enrollment:    Oct 15 to Dec 7th
Individual Healtth Insurance Open Enrollment:                 Nov 1 to Dec 15th


Open Enrollment for Medicare Individuals - Staring October 15 to December 7th, Medicare eligible individuals can enroll or change their MAPD or PDP.  (not supplement or medigap).  Open Enrollment is only for MAPD health plans and PDP Prescritpion Drug plans. 


Open Enrollment for Indivudual healthcare - Starting November 1st to December 15th, Individuals can enroll or change their health plan for the up coming year.  After Open Enrollment closes, you can only enroll during the year if you have a SEP (Special Elections Period) or Qualifying Event.


Open Enrollment Delays: Last two months of the year, the insurance carriers are overwhelmed with volume. It is recommended to submit your plan change or enrollment documents as soon as possible in order to help reduce your delay.  IT IS VERY TYPICAL FOR THE CARRIER TO APPROVED AND PROVIDE YOUR ID NUMBER WELL AFTER JANUARY 1ST.   If there's questions, please contact me.


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