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Carrier Requirements for Enrollment


Carriers require the following documentation in order to determine eligibility and approval your groups enrollment.  These are the typical documents that are required in a typical enrollment.  Depending on the carrier and the size of your group, certain additional documentation may or may not required.  


  • Employer Enrollment Form
  • Employee Enrollment Forms
  • Employer Certification
  • Waivers
  • Signed Rates
  • Binder Check: Company check 1st month premium
  •  WR-30 - Quarterly Tax & Wage form
  •  Owners Tax docs - Schedule C, K-1 or 1120
  • Personal 1040 tax form, and W-2 if there's income on line #7 - (some carriers)


  Examples of Business tax documentation and Personal tax documentation.

Schedule K-1
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Schedule C/1040
Schedule C 1040.jpg
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Form 1120s
1120 form.gif
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Personal 1040 Indiv income tax
Personal 1040 - indiv income tax form.jp[...]
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