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Hi Chris, I have a friend going to call you about insurance, I told her you were great :)  Thanks, Cindy
That’s what I thought.  Thanks for the quick response! - Gail
Thanks Chris...you're the best!!   Lea
Thanks! You're the best!  - Jay
Thanks again for ALL YOU HELP!!!!!!  - Tricia
Thanks. Chris. You're always on top of things. - Don
Thanks Chris, you’re the best - Jean
Thank you!  - Wendy
Thanks Chris. You’re the best!  - Dina
You know best,  Thank you again for your help  - Donna
Thank You for all your help.  Thank You  - Kevin
Thank you Chris!  I am sure you can explain it much better than me!   Regards,   Sarah
Thanks, Chris, for following up. I appreciate it. - Frank
Chris: Thank you :)   I appreciate it so much!    Best,  Laura
Ok will do.  I got the letter also.  Thanks for always taking care of us!!!  - Janie

Thank you.  You are the best   - Kathleen


Thank you for letting me know.  Appreciate all you do.  - Kathy
You’re the best! - Jeanie
You are the best - Dr K.
Thank you very much and I am sorry you have to go through this!   - Kathy
Dear Chris, Thank you for this additional information about Medicare   - Pam
Thanks Chris you are the best! - Jeanne
Thank You !!! - Joe
Chris: Thank you very much!! I truly appreciate it!!Thank you again - Joe
Awesome!  Thank you for all your help with this…couldn’t have done it without you!!!  - Kim
Thanks really appreciate it!! - Jim
Thank you, Chris!!! - Kim
Thanks Chris!   Merry Christmas! - Linda
Thanks youre the bestest !!!!!!!!!!! - Michael
Thank you so much...you have been great.  How do I arrange the first payment? - Paula
Thank you so much for all your help. Keep me posted - Brenda
Great news, Chris! Thank you for all your help!!! - Kim
Thank you so much, as always, Chris!  Have a great day, - Mark
Great speaking with you this morning Chris.  Thank you for the quick numbers; much appreciated!   Cheers,  Sam
Thank you very much. It is a huge job you do for us. I wouldn't be able to straighten it out myself.  - Glenn

If it wasn't for your email I would have not remembered that a payment was due.  So thank you - Lynn


Thank you Chris that’s very clear and answers all my questions!  Enjoy your painting! - Carol

Hi Chris,   All is going well.! Hope all is good with you too!  Thanks again for your prompt help as always!  Linda
You are always so helpful!  Respectfully Yours,  Holly


Thanks for everything Chris! Just got Humana ID card today. - Karen


Thanks so much! - Pat
Respectfully Yours, Holly


Thank you so much for the information, Christopher.  - Pam
You the best! Thank you!! - Tereasa
excellent thank you - Leanne
Great! Thank you!  - Carrie
Wow, weird!!! Thanks for the heads up and I am not going to deal with anyone except you, LOL!  - Kate
Thanks! You’re the best! - Nancy
Haha. Thank you for your help.  - Dr. A.
Awesome! - Patti
You're awesome!  Thanks!   - Dr. A.


Hi Chris: Thank you so much!  Best Regards, Maria
Thank you so much for your help Chris. - Marie
Thanks for helping Chris. You may be hearing from my friend Barry. He's turning 65 in March. I gave him all of your info. Have a Merry Christmas!   - Kathryn
Thank you again Chris for your quick response and guidance through this process. It's been a bit nerve-wracking these days between changing insurance companies, enrollment time, and the holidays.  We appreciate your help and thank you for keeping us updated.  Have a great weekend. - Michelle
Will do! Thanks so much, Chris!!! - Kim
TY , TY !! -Jeanie
Thank you Chris, you're the best! - Cathleen
Ok, this is perfect, thanks Chris!  - Robert
That’s what I thought.  Thanks for getting back to me so quick as usual.  Best, Richard
I wanted to thank you again for sendign me the Medicare HOW TO info back in October.... It helped.. i signed up with everything yesterday.  - Kathi
Hi! Thanks so much, ah now it makes sense, - Tracy
Chris, Thank you so much for getting back to me!  We were reading our booklet last night.I tell you...it is a lot to absorb. Thank you again for your time and knowledge!! You know your stuff!!   Sincerely,  Charlene
Hi Chris, Thank you so much for all of your help and patience.  I will be in touch if I have any further questions or concerns.  Thank you,  Cheyenne
Hi Chris,  Could a guy love a guy – LOL!!!! Thanks a “GREAT BUNCH” for your involvement and persistence to get it done.  If I seemed pushy at times it was because of the pressure I was getting from the Mrs. – hahaha…
Hi Chris, So happy to get this news. One less thing for me to worry about! Thanks for all your help and extra effort pushing this through.  Regards, Roberta
Good morning Chris – thank you, and Scott, for your quick work on taking care of Matthew.  I very much appreciate it!   Have a great day, - Mark
Thanks for the news, Chris. Thus far, this transition to Medicare B and its supplements for June 1 has been less complicated than I anticipated, thanks to your help.  - Gary
Chris,  Thank you! You are so efficient!!  I received the letter in the mail today...stating that I will be on Medicare as of 4/01. Thanks for all your help...I hope that I don't have to bother you anymore... Enjoy the rest of your day!  - Charlene
Great news, thanks a ton Chris … you’ve been a champ through this all.  I appreciate your professionalism. - Scott
Wow! The contact at the podiatrist’s office did not tell me that... Thanks so much! - Mary
Thanks Chris.  We will be back, the other broker can never give us the standard of service you have over the years.  Best Regards,  - Todd

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