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Late-Last Minute Submissions


We want your enrollment/renewal to go as smooth as possible.
Be aware of late enrollments or late submissions.

With late submissions, your request to renew or enroll may not be approved until after the requested effective date. In some cases, you may find out after the effective date that there are issues or additional information is needed by the Carrier, therefore, delaying your request to renew or enroll.  Our efforts are to avoid delays, surprises, and the worst-case scenario, no coverage.

Late submission may result in:

  • Delay of coverage
  • Waiting day or weeks to be approved
  • Not having an updated Invoice
  • Not having your ID number
  • Not having your ID cards
  • Delayed access to medications, doctors’ appointments or needed services
  • Not having coverage

When you submit late, it is recommended you:

  • fill any Prescriptions that you will need for the upcoming month.
  • inform your doctor of possible delayed approval.
  • pre-authorized surgeries/services again with the new carrier.
  • not have a timely approval, ID numbers, ID cards or possibly no insurance. 


It is our recommendation that enrollment or plan changes be sent in 3-4 weeks before renewal or enrollment in order to avoid any delays. 

YouTube version https://youtu.be/zl_mnrRleW8

Contact us for questions, plan options and free enrollment assistance.

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