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Medicare Supplement plans are available to those age 65 and older enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B.  Medicare A & B does not cover everything.  To help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, you can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan and Part D prescription plan. Private insurance carriers offer standardized plans A thru N.

Medicare Supplement plans A through G provide stronger benefits at higher premiums with limited out-of-pocket costs compared to plans K through N.

Plan N:  $20 copay for office visits; $50 copay for ER Visit.
Excess Charges (balance billing) is not covered.

Medicare Supplement Plan G:

* 100% coverage after an annual Part B deductible. (Deductible changes Jan 1st)

* Plan G has the same plan benefits and coverages, carrier to carrier.


* Plans A-N have the same network of doctors and hospitals, carrier to carrier.

* Plans A-N is accepted by all hospitals and ~93% of all doctors in America.


Monthly Premiums:
* Premiums do vary from carrier to carrier based on age and gender.

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