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GetCoveredNJ is New Jersey's Obamacare for health insurance where individuals and families can easily shop for and enroll in health coverage. KBenefits is a free service that will help you determine if you're eligible for GetCoveredNJ health coverage and help you enroll in coverage while answering all of your questions.

KBenefits Insurance Services is a free enrollment service that helps you compare multiple health plans from multiple insurance carriers.  Our goal is to find you the right plan at the lowest premium. As your broker, we can review your plan options, answer benefit, billing and claim questions, help find an in-network provider, assist w/ ID cards, review carrier letters, and prepare you for your annual Open Enrollment. Assign Chris Kudryk as your free GCNJ broker today.

Open Enrollment starts this Nov 1st and ends Jan 31st.

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Christopher S. Kudryk

Health, Dental & Vision Insurance Carrier Links

Aetna - Whole Health Network

Not available in: Monmouth, Ocean & Cape May County

Delta Dental
Delta Dental plans offer access to dental exams, preventative cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges even implants,. Delta's national access is widely accepted. Contact me to enroll the 1st of any month.

VSP Vision
VSP Vision covers annual vision exams, frames, lenses, contacts & includes vision discounts. VSP is widely accepted nationally. Contact me to enroll the 1st of any month.

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Shop your plan options:
If you are enrolled in GetCoveredNJ and want to shop for plan options, simply log into your GetCoveredNJ account and follow these steps. 

  • Continue Shopping
  • Save and Continue
  • SHOP for a Different Plan
  • Remove Existing Plan & Go Shopping  (don’t worry you aren’t removing your plan)


Shop & Sort By:

  1. Monthly Price
  2. Silver or Bronze
  3. Name of Carrier
What's Considered Income - Estimated Gross Household Income
Your total (or “gross”) income for the tax year, minus certain adjustments you’re allowed to take. Adjustments include deductions for conventional IRA contributions, student loan interest, and more.
Adjusted gross income appears on IRS Form 1040, line 11.
  • any taxable income
  • income from a job/self-employment/tips
  • unemployment
  • retirement investment income / capital gains
  • rental or royalty income
  • pension
  • alimony recvd - Divorces finalized before January 1, 2019 - Include as income.
    Divorces finalized on or after January 1, 2019 - Don’t include as income.
  • severance income from an employer
  • social security benefits
  • social security disability income


What's not considered income

  • child support
  • social security Income
  • veteran disability and workers comp
  • proceeds from student, home equity & bank loans
  • gifts

GCNJ:  Income Verification - documents

  • Pay Stub  / W2 Wages & Tax
  • Tax return / 1099 income
  • Unemployment Letter
  • Tax form: 1040 federal or state
  • Tax form: 1065 K1 with Sch E
  • Tax Form: Profit & loss statement


GCNJ:  Citizenship Verification - documents

  • US Passport  / Certificate of Naturalization  / Documents showing US birth
  • Certicate of US Citizenship (N-560 or N-561)
  • Federal or State Census Record showing US birth


GCNJ: Accepted Documents
Accepted Docs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [164.1 KB]

Contact us for advice, navigation, plan options & free enrollment assistance.

Christopher S. Kudryk

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