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GetCoveredNJ makes it easy for you to assign a free GCNJ broker.

Step #1    LOG IN
Step #2)  Click "HELP & SUPPORT" (top right corner)
                  Click "FIND LOCAL ASSISTANCE"
Step #3)   Click "FIND AGENT/BROKER"
Step #4)   Type & Select:  "CHRIS KUDRYK

Step by Step Instructions.
Step #1 Log in
Once you're logged into your GCNJ Member Portal, the next step is:

Step #2:  Click:  "Help & Support" then "Find Local Assistance"

then click   "Find an Agent or Broker"


Step #3:   Type & Select:   Chris Kudryk or "KBenefits, LLC"

You must be logged in to be able to Select A Broker.

Step #4:  Select Your Free GCNJ Broker
"Christopher Kudryk"



Assigning A Free Broker

No fee insurance broker services. 
Whether you are a small business owner or an individual seeking insurance,  insurance brokers are here to help.  Insurance brokers serve a vital role between you and the insurance carriers.  We work for you for no additional charge.

The Benefits Of Having A Broker:

  • Brokers are a free, value-added service.
  • No additional charges for working with a broker.
  • Brokers know the markets, carriers and plans.
  • Brokers will help navigate your options upon enrollment and renewal.
  • Compare multiple insurance quotes from the major insurance carriers.
  • Recommend plan options based on premium, plan benefits and provider networks.
  • Brokers can research your doctors and prescriptions
  • Enroll in additional benefits - dental, vision, life or disability.
  • Customer service from pre-enrollment to post-renewal. 
  • Customer service issues such as billing issues, researching claims, ID cards, appeals, etc..

Need Assistance?
For questions, plan options & enrollment assistance.
Call:        732-333-1976
Email:    chris@kbenefits.com. 

KBenefits, LLC
Christopher S. Kudryk

KBenefits provides insurance solutions for small business owners and individuals in NJ & NY.  Contact KBenefits today and see how we can benefit you.

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